Monday, September 21, 2009

My 2010 Fantasy Calendars!

Hello Everyone :)

My 2010 Calendars are now available for sale :)

I have 2 calendar designs for 2010 a Mermaid one
with all my new mermaid artworks completed in the past
year along with favorites , I also have
a Fairy&Fantasy Calendar with my fairy art including
my fairy seasons series a un-released angel painting
along with fantasy artworks
including my newest Eternity artwork.

You are viewing a small preview of both
calendars of front,back covers and 2 months designs
from each calendar.For full preview of calendars feel free to
visit my zazzle store.

Calendars come in 3 different sizes a standard 11x17 a smaller one
7x11 and a big huge one 14x22 ,
Calendars are available for sale trough my zazzle store

For fans of my work who would like to buy hand signed calendars
(sizes standard 11x17 and smaller 7x11)
you are welcome to pre-order and buy directly from me
however i will be offering this for a limited time only.
Feel free to contact me at
if you would like a hand signed one.

Zazzle calendars are Beautiful quality full color coil binding Calendars (11" wide x 8.5" high (closed) 11" wide x 17" high open )

small 7x11 Calendar ( 7 x 5.5" high (closed) and 7" wide x 11" high open) )

Hope you enjoy my calendars :)


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