Thursday, February 26, 2009

I need help!!

Hello everyone!!
So sorry for the panicky title...but i wanted to
know if anyone knows how a blogger user here can delete a blog?
when i joined blogger accidentally i created 2 blogs,
and would like to delete the first one , it's really confusing when
i log in and both come up...
if anyone knows i would appreciate any help :)
thanks so much :)

have a good weekend :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Poison Crown -New Art & Sketches

Hello everyone :)
Can't really keep up with all my journals
but yesterday evening updated my website and thought i do
an update on my journals too :)

I finished a new commissioned painting
Poison Crown
with a very sci-fi theme ,something i never done
before art wise , but it was fun to paint also
learn a bit more about the chiss race :)

I recently came across my old sketches and very early drawings
have to thank my mom for that, for keeping some very early drawings
and I'm planning on putting them on my website when i upload everything,
there is just too much, i took a pic of all the sketch books i found,
right now I'm in the process of taking digital pics of some of the drawings
since they are really big 12x18 and very hard to scan some are smaller...
one of my early drawings you can see of a victorian Lady with an umbrella that was done
maybe 10-15 years ago...i remember i did that with markers, use to love going through magazines and drawing anything that appealed to me, prepare to see a lot of
Madonna drawings!! it's fun to look back , although not perfect early drawings are always so special it really shows all the hard work and progress and artist goes through :)

Well that's about all my news look forward to painting my next ACEO in my fairytale series i will be painting...The Frog Prince,,,hope you all like frog princes :)

Talk to you all soon

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Store

hello everyone!! :)
Hope everyone is doing good and enjoying their holiday weekend and Monday :)
For all our U.S friends happy president's day! :)

Just a little update letting you all know i opened a new
store at (many thanks to my friend jenna for posting about this site)
this is my store link
It looks like a cool site and it's very similar to Etsy
they are very environmental friendly as they plant a new tree
with every new membership.
I'm testing out the waters and posted a few items look forward
to posting some more.
check it out and hope to see you there too :)

Much love from me

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Princess Bride New fairytale painting

Hello everyone!

Finally finished my Princess Bride fairytale painting
my entry for Fae's fairy tale art show :)

I chose to illustrate the princess bride for many reasons always loved the story ,movie, pure romance and fairytale :)

Completed with watercolors and watercolor pencils on 9x12 arches hotpress
For hand signed prints , original available through my website

I also updated my website with new mousepad and mug designs and new cross stitch patterns :)

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy St. Valentine's Day holiday :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

St , Valentine's Day ART sale on ebay..

Hello everyone :)
I feel so bad i haven't had time to do any updates on my website feel like i'm doing 100 hundred things at the same time trying to keep up with everything, February has been a hectic month and it's also one of the shortest months too!!
Will be updating soon promise with a new fairytale painting , of one of my favorite fairytale love stories ;)
Only second main figure left to paint and I'm done!

In the mean time i wanted to share a new commission i completed a week or so ago of another baby- enjoyed drawing her :)

I also posted some St Valentine's Day special sales on my ebay account a mixture of aceo prints and 8'5x11 and original art ,-FREE SHIPPING ON ALL.
feel free to check them out :)

Talk to you all soon