Monday, March 16, 2009

New Website Look and AMI news !

Hello everyone :)

Hope everyone is doing good :)

I finally updated my website with a new more
"springly" look based on my Magical Garden artwork:)
Hope you all like it :)

This concerns all the tube/graphic lovers out there
a new 5th package with my artwork is available
through AMI :)

And finally i finished uploading lots of my VERY early
artworks on my website in a gallery entitled,
Early Beginnings, i feel we all have to begin from somewhere
no matter what we do ,and this is my progress as an artist.
I feel bad couldn't share more and didn't realize once going
through my old work just how much of it there was !! but
i picked some of my favorites hope you enjoy :)

And to ALL my Irish friends, supporters and fans of my artwork
have a wonderful St Patrick's day all the best to you :)
I'm sharing one of my first animations i did of my Irish Fae
artwork hope you all enjoy ;)

Talk to you all soon


Sarah said...

The website is looking fantastic :) Yey for spring! Enjoyed looking through your older work too - i wish id started out that good lol

Susan Rodio said...

LOVE, the new look on your website, Kat - so pretty!

Happy st pat's day! All the Irish pubs are full over here this afternoon :D

Katerina Koukiotis said...

thank you sarah , susan so much *hugs* happy st paddy's day to all of you xoxoxox

ElvenstarArt said...

Happy belated St. Patrick's Day! :)

It was very interesting to look through your old artwork! You've come a long way, though a lot of that was very good too! Great progress! :)