Friday, March 20, 2009

New ACEO- The Nightingale

Hello everyone !
Finally spring is officially here!!(march 20th) even though it snowed it
N.Y!! a mixture of snow and sun , it was very strange, nothing major
just a few flurries here and there.

I have new art to share :)
I finished a new ACEO painting "The Nightingale"
Part of my ACEO Fairytale series :)
Original listed on ebay

Based on Hans Christian Andersen
The story of a beautiful singing bird, an emperor and death
and a good lesson to learn, not to turn our backs to
real things for fake ones.

You can also view the sketch of it
in my new little sketchbook i recently bought just to
sketch aceos in it, it's the cutest little sketchbook
i own, for anyone interested you can find them at Micheal's art craft store :)

Hope you all are having a good weekend,
talk to you all soon


Jade Scarlett said...

I've already said this on Fae Forum but I never get tired of commenting on your beautiful artwork!

My dear friend, I'm running out of adjectives in the english language to describe how insanely beautiful your art is. So I'll resort to a little german and say that your Nightngale is "Ubber" gorgeous!!! Or, I might even try a little greek, I haven't spoken greek in so many years I forgot a lot of it, but I still remember how to say: Eine para poly orea, kukla mou! Did I say it right??? Or have I just embarassed me foolish irish arse???

Many hugs,

Katerina Koukiotis said...

aww jade i read your beautiful greek at fae and i was so impressed!!!! i had no idea you knew some greek you did wonderful!! and EFHARISTO PARA POLI for all your kind words :):)
I thanked you in Greek ;)

Jade Scarlett said...

Awww, tipota koukla mou. Eisei poli gliki koritsi.

kali nikta, ke filakia yasena


Jade Scarlett said...

I think kopela would be better than koritsi, right?


Katerina Koukiotis said...

oh my god you're so good with your greek!!!!
you can ise either kopela koritsi it means the same thing but in the sentence you put it kopela sounds more right :)
Eisai KATAPLIKTIKI that means you're AMAZING!! :)

I'm enjoying typing in greek-lish :)