Monday, February 9, 2009

St , Valentine's Day ART sale on ebay..

Hello everyone :)
I feel so bad i haven't had time to do any updates on my website feel like i'm doing 100 hundred things at the same time trying to keep up with everything, February has been a hectic month and it's also one of the shortest months too!!
Will be updating soon promise with a new fairytale painting , of one of my favorite fairytale love stories ;)
Only second main figure left to paint and I'm done!

In the mean time i wanted to share a new commission i completed a week or so ago of another baby- enjoyed drawing her :)

I also posted some St Valentine's Day special sales on my ebay account a mixture of aceo prints and 8'5x11 and original art ,-FREE SHIPPING ON ALL.
feel free to check them out :)

Talk to you all soon

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ElvenstarArt said...

Great job on the commission! I look foreword to seeing your new aceo! :)