Monday, February 16, 2009

My Store

hello everyone!! :)
Hope everyone is doing good and enjoying their holiday weekend and Monday :)
For all our U.S friends happy president's day! :)

Just a little update letting you all know i opened a new
store at (many thanks to my friend jenna for posting about this site)
this is my store link
It looks like a cool site and it's very similar to Etsy
they are very environmental friendly as they plant a new tree
with every new membership.
I'm testing out the waters and posted a few items look forward
to posting some more.
check it out and hope to see you there too :)

Much love from me


Susan Rodio said...

Cool, I am on artfire too, so far I like it! :)

Katerina Koukiotis said...

hi susan :)
good to know you're there too, i ddint know about this site looks so much like etsy, still trying to find out about how things work out there if we can add friends and so on...

Susan Rodio said...

Hi Kat, :) I agree some things about it are a bit similar to Etsy, but there is a lot that is different too, they are in beta testing still I think so they are gradually improving things about the site. I love the feedback system its really fun and there are other cool features. The only thing is its not as clear how to fave stores you like, I find it easier to find interesting things I want to buy on ETSY. Wish you all the best with your shop too! :)