Thursday, January 19, 2012

Website update

Hello everyone,
my website has a new look something pink and cute
for Valentine's day
I added a new gallery to my website Ballet Gallery a collection with all my Ballerina/Ballet artworks, over the years my art has grown so have the subjects i chose to illustrate I feel certain subjects i chose to illustrate deserve a gallery of their own,the fantasy/portrait/commission galleries have new sub categories for art themes. same artwork may be in more than one gallery if the subject fits more than one category/theme-hope you like the new make-over ;)

Organizing my website files i came across a special commission portrait i did in 2011 and never shared I was commissioned to do a montage tribute portrait of a young man and his motorcycle/bike you can view it in my
Dylan Commission
by on Fantasy,Portrait Art

thank you so much
have a good weekend ahead

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