Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Baby "Adora 365 project"

9 x 1 2 pencil,pastel

This adorable baby is Adora, her dad invited and commissioned me to his project
"Adora 365 project" All the artworks are posted on his

Adora's dad started commissioning artists from all over the world to create work based on photographs of his cute baby daughter.I found this project so creative unique and touching as well
i thought what a beautiful gift he is giving his daughter, plus the baby was so cute loved adding it to my baby series

She's a toddler now , i chose to illustrate her as a newborn and in holiday theme :) I heard back from her dad and he loved it.
My client was interesting in a digital file of this , original and prints will be available
thank you so much hope you enjoy it too :)
Happy holidays, Merry Christmas.
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