Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Blog look and ACEO ART :)

Hello everyone :)
Happy March 1st to everyone !
I'm so excited to show off my new blog look,created by the
the beautiful and talented Siobhan !!

thank YOU siobhan so much for doing this beautiful layout and look for me i absolutely love it thank you so much :)

My website is updated with a new aceo painting

"Snow White's Awakening"

Acrylic/pencils on 2.5 x 3.5 canson mi tientes paper
Over the years while illustrating my ACEO fairytale series i had many requests for additional fairytale princesses and spin offs and will be doing more :)Plus it was nice doing something relaxing after doing bigger paintings in a row,painting My Lady of the Forest inspired me very much, with st pattys day coming up couldn't help myself and did a more freckled version of snow white hope you enjoy it,original,prints and other goodies available from my website

thank you so much for reading and many thanks to siobhan for the new look xoxo

thank you so much for reading
have a lovely week ahead,

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