Sunday, January 23, 2011

Valentine Show and New Art

I always feel i neglect my blogger
but it seems everyone hangs out at FB
but still want to do some updates over here too..

I have 2 new artworks to share since i last posted in my blog
"My Valentine Rose" and "Aurora"

"My Valentine Rose completed for my valentine art show I'm hosting at facebook

Aurora completed for the monthly Enchanted Visions theme
8x10 pencils

I'm hosting my vesy first valentine art show over at my
facebook fanpage you can view all the beautiful submissions here!/album.php?aid=260592&id=91520588028
you can use this banner to link to the show :)

thank you so much :)


Dena E's Blog said...

I sooo need to stop by here more.. Not just FB or twitter..
I need to find you there too. Anyhoo's,,, you haven't posted at 365 lately, none of us have tho??? why??? So i cmae here to visit you...These newest creations are Stunning!!! Just Gorgeous Sweetie..WOW!!!
Blessings and Love from God above~~~Hugs Dena

PS..I'm going to add you to the side bar of my new art/design blog...I just need to make a button of your...Hope its OK...I soooo admire all of you fantastic artists, thanks for inspiring others Sweetie....

Katerina Koukiotis said...

hi dena thank YOU so much, i keep forgetting to post at all blogs and feel so bad about it, i'm so happy you dropped by feel free to add me anywhere in your blog thank YOU so much xoxo