Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New ACEO Art& Auction

Hello everyone,
this is my newest ACEO painting
part of my fairytale series
The Snow Queen.

Original listed for auction on ebay
hope you like her :)
have a good week ahead :)


Holly Durr said...

The colors are just beautiful in this Katerina. That pose looks like it would be a little hard to draw, but you pulled it off nicely!

Zindy S. D. Nielsen said...

Beautiful new work Katerina, love it :)
I noticed your design is like mine now, only black. I wish I could design something awesome for my blog but the knowledge is too little :)
Have an awesome weekend Katerina, hug hug.

Katerina Koukiotis said...

thank you holly ,zindy *hugs*
designing blogs its not my strongest point either,
i had the same design as before but i messed up by turning on html in my settings early on and couldn't find all the gadget thingy adds :( until i did it over and figured out how to change the background color and header but that's about it i dont dare mess with it :)

Zindy S. D. Nielsen said...

That's too bad, your previous was very you :) I've gone crazy the past days designing my new blog, it's kind of limited what you can do inhere I feel, without any other tools.
Did you get my mail by the way, I wanted to share the good news with you :)

Katerina Koukiotis said...

Just saw your new blog and loved it !
No i didn't get any new emails :(
hope it's not my email service because another friend told me they send emails and i didn't get them :(
please re send it cant wait to hear the good news :)