Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Blessings - New Art

Hello everyone :)

I have a new Drawing in honor of Easter
Easter Blessings,
hope you like it :)

Drawing very much inspired by one of my
favorite early stories of jesus as a young boy
raising to life a dead bird, it may have been his
very first miracle ever :)

I have prints, bookmarks,notecards and magnets available
through my website and other online stores :)
feel free to visit my website
SHIP AND HANDLING FEES are FREE on this artwork on any orders
for the week of Easter :)

Want to wish you and your families a happy blessed Easter :)
I'm an orthodox christian in religion i will be celebrating Easter
a week after the catholic one :)

thank you so much
with love


Yvonne said...

Easter Blessings is really lovely and sweet. You did it again, Kat. I just saw it got charted on HAED! Hiya!

Happy Easter to you.



Magnificent! Sooper Dooper para poli orea koritsaki. Eime catoliki, tin pas-ha mou eine afti i kiriaki omos telo na sou pou kali pas-ha yasena tin (other) kiriaki, kouklamou.

Filakia poli,

Katerina Koukiotis said...

thank you yvnone so much *hugs*
I'm so happy to see it charrted at HAED :)
happy easter to you and your family *hugs*

Katerina Koukiotis said...

se efharisto toso poli (((jade )))
kalo pasha se sena kai stin oikogeneia sou(family)
o theos na se exei panta kala
polla filakia